We Listen – Ear Plugs Provided & Extra Doors Installed

We’ve been having numerous complains on hostel being noisy from time to time. Sometimes, it isn’t just houserules that make things work. Guests feedbacks are honestly important in all aspects. We have to offer no frills, undisturb rest for our backpackers; at least that’s the most basic requirement.

Because of our strategic and good location, we’ve been risking something. Being next to a roadside is not a good thing; Most of our guests have no complaints feedback to us the sleep was pretty decent though. We’ve collected most of the feedbacks and I’ve concluded that should we do double glazed windows it’ll probably take quite sometime for us to be able to afford such kind of luxury, so….

Earplugs! - Unless Necessary

Earplugs! - Unless Necessary

Tadaa! That’ll keep most ground floor guests in place, though I do understand that most people don’t like things to be stucked in their ears when they sleep, but this is just for emergency use in case you’re really feeling irritated by any kind of noise outside (be it other lousy guests, music, road noise etc).

Right now at this very moment, we’re getting contractors to get another new door up to block the music that’s coming from Backyard Bistro after 10pm. House rules, it’s important.

**Update: We have two brand new doors to filter out the music from our Bistro’s live band and washing machine/ dryer noise on the 1st level. The doors has been effective in filtering out the noise coming from our bistro! My advice is not to take the ground floor beds unless necessary because the communal area is just right outside.

A New Door Installed - Peace Now!

A New Door Installed - Peace Now!

At G4 Station, we listen.

We’re now running a promotion on prices with our beds till February. To book with us at G4 Station, feel free to contact us or proceed to our reservation page


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