Sim Lim Square – Singapore Computer Peripherals Haven

So you’re in Singapore, and you ran out of media storages in your Digital Camera. Or worse, you lost your camera and you need to get a replacement. Maybe you just need some computer pheriperals and you’d like to top them up when you’re here. Introducing Sim Lim Square, Singapore’s PC Walmart.

The Place

Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square

Located just a few minutes stroll away from G4 Station, Sim Lim Square gets pretty busy usually over the weekends packed with tourists and locals doing their IT shopping. It’s best to go there after 1PM when most shops are open and before 6pm. Yea I know, short hours 😉

The Shops

If you are afraid of having different kind of treatment as a tourist as compared with locals, the easy way out would be getting a local friend to tag along with you. I could do it if I’m free (bwahaha). Most of the shops do have fixed pricing especially when it comes to computer pheripherals, but rest assure the prices are really competitive.

The Buzzling Scenes at Sim Lim Square during Weekdays

The Buzzling Scenes at Sim Lim Square during Weekdays

One reason I could explain on the cheaper price would be the stocks that they take for their goods are in more bulk as compared to the rest of the departmental stores around the island. Try walking around the mall to get the price lists and have it compared.

The shops that I could recommend you in Sim Lim would be:-

Fuwell #04-52 , Video-pro #04-33, Bliss #04-02D – for PC pheripherals
Active Foto & Electronics #04-60 – For media storages such as SD cards, Flash Drives, CF cards etc.
Alan Photo Trading #01-38 – For digital cameras purchase (If you need help with recommendations of other shops, hola me in G4 Station, there are a few more in other places which I would strongly recommend.)

Medias! :)

Medias! 🙂

Some of the shops in Sim Lim Square has some


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