Oh no!! A serious blackout!?

G4 Station building

G4 main entrance

What happened?? What a serious blackout!! Or is it a blackout??

The answer is no. It wasn’t a blackout. These photos were taken on 26 March 2011 at 8.30pm.

You would ask if there is any reason why specifically at that date and that time.

The reply is that it was Earth Hour at that time. Yes, that’s right! 26 March 2011 was the day of Earth Hour 2011!!

Did you play a part in Earth Hour 2011 to save the environment? G4 did play a part! In fact, this is our 3rd time participating in Earth Hour.

Book with us to share the happiness together during these events!! We have celebrations with our guests for all occasions and festivals.

Signing off

Shi Ling