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Now that you’re keen on coming to Singapore, FOOD must be one key attraction that you must never, ever lose your emphasis on as Singapore is a multi-cultural country with high standards of many culinary dishes.

I’m not a good reviewer when it comes to food but these are the sites which I highly recommend that you could visit before hitting the Singapore shore so you could plan your food itinerary.

Singapore Food Blogs

Latest Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Reviewed by ieatishootipost

Latest Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Reviewed by ieatishootipost

I Eat I Shoot I Post – The number one site introduced to me by Selina. This ardent site shoots unbelievable food photos and describes the food reviewed down to its bones. Chilling but true, this blog covers most of Singapore hawker food and you JUST HAVE to visit it.

Lady Iron ChefBrad, a photographer who specialises in food shots has been writing this food blog since March 2007. Great reviews of food joints in Singapore, he also has his ways with his food photos that somewhat makes me drool easily. (Of course he should ain’t it? Since he’s a photographer.. duh)

Justin introduces RISE in his J23KBlogs

Justin introduces RISE in his J23KBlogs

J23KBlogs – Reviews of the latest hip food joint to visit coupled with great photo shots by Justin. (I’m starting to wonder if there’s any trend to this hmm)

Singapore Food Sites

HungryGoWhere – Another undisputed leader in online Singapore food ratings. Apparently spreading wings to other countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia. – I was surprised, but InSing is doing well even for its food review sections. Check this review site where the community is getting bigger and opinions are getting stronger for Singapore food.

Have you got any new sites to suggest to this list? Feel free to share with me so it could benefit everybody!


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