G4 Sticks To Their Words – A Safe and Sound Staying Experience

In G4, we pride ourselves when it comes to our work and the experiences of our guests. Not to mention the most important two elements, safety and comfort. When any of our guests check in, my Team G4 will painstakingly yet professionally explain the Do’s and Dont’s in the premises.

We have 25 cameras on the walkways and 24-hours ground staff so you can really be assured of having a pleasant stay with us.

With that, I’d like to introduce to you our house rules in the hostel that either irks you or makes you feel safe 😛

The House Rules

Checking in and out Timing

Our earliest check-in time is 1pm and the latest check out time is at 12pm. This is to ensure that your beds are always prim and proper (We need that time allowance)

Strictly No Smoking

Our G4 hostel is a no-smoking hostel. Smoking could be done in designated smoking areas.

We emphasis on being environmental friendly and ask of the guests to turn off the lights and air conditioning when they leave the room.

Room/ Dormitory Limitations

No food in the bedrooms, you don’t want any bed bugs or funny creepy crawlers to come do you? We have small little pantry areas for you to use.

You’re also not allowed to bring external guests up into the hostel. I think this is only fair and in case your friends will might cause any trouble.

Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You

No noise zone after 10pm, so others can sleep. Sanitizing of hands for our internet kiosk stations is a must so you’ll have a clean keyboard and mouse to use. (Of course our staff will still clean them on a daily basis, but doesn’t it feel better? ;))

Luggage and Personal Belongings

Though this is a safe hostel, with all cameras and locker cabinets, you’re still advised to keep important things with you. Things such as passports and cash yada yada (:

Our Team G4 Rights

We reserve the rights to invite you to leave our premises should you violate or cause disturbances to your fellow backpacker’s. We’re powerful (err, kinda)

Download a copy of our G4 Station’s House Rules

Recently a guest was being banned in G4 for not adhering to our house rules. Currently there are 4 banned from staying with us. Luckily for everyone, every guests that has stayed with us are pleasant!

Now holla me if you have any feedbacks or inputs in which could make any backpacker’s stay a better experience with G4 (:


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