East Coast Skatepark Singapore – ECP

Hello again!!

As all of you should know from my previous post, I’m a Aggressive Inline Rollerblader. And if you’re a skateboarder, BMX rider or a roller like me, and if you travel to or is living in Singapore, and wanting to shred, THERE IS ONLY ONE PLACE TO GO. EAST COAST SKATE PARK. I’m not trying to brag about it but honestly and seriously, it is a WORLD CLASS skate park, worthy of your time and money just to travel here to have a session! I kid you not!

It has EVERYTHING any extreme sport enthusiast would want. An awesome street course with so much flow, a big and deep vert bowl, a combination bowl, curbs and ledges of all heights and length and even handrails! It is street and park fused into ONE location. What more can we ask for? And the ultimate part is…it’s absolutely FREE!

Unfortunately, there is a flaw to it. It is the weather. Singapore is a tropical island. When there’s tropical, there is rain. And boy do we get lots of it. It’s very unpredictable as the skate park is located by the beach. Rain clouds tend to be blown over the area. It may be sunny one moment but before you know it, it starts to rain. But do not fret! It can rain buckets for hours on end, but once the last drop of rain hits the floor, give it 20-30 minutes and most of the park should have dried up!

The park is opened 24/7. Super hot in the day if it’s not raining yet cool and breezy at night. There are flood lights that turn on at


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