Hello everyone! It's Dylan yo!

Hello everyone! It's Dylan yo!


I’m Dylan, the newest member of G4 Station! I’m actually a chef by profession, but I’m taking a break from the kitchen till I start culinary school in February in Melbourne. I’m really really looking forward to Melbourne! I absolutely LOVE that place! So meanwhile, here I am part-timing at G4, hoping to make friends from all over the globe!

I’m an avid football fan! I’ve been watching and playing football since I was 10! My teams are Manchester United, Barcelona and Brazil. I’m hoping for Brazil to win the World Cup this year and add another star to the 5 they already have on their jersey. I prefer playing Futsal to the usual 11-a-side game. Futsal is a 5-a-side game that is usually played indoors on a hard court, using a special size 4 ball that doesn’t bounce. It relies on pace and a lot of skills. I prefer it mainly because you get tea ball at your feet a lot more than the 11-a-side game.

Besides football, I also do Aggressive Inline Rollerblading. It is the kind where we grind, spin and do flips. I’ve been doing it since 2002 and I will only stop the day my legs can no longer support me. Most of the time you can find me either at Somerset skatepark or East Coast skatepark. I try to rollerblade about 3-4 times a week. It’s my other form of exercise besides football.

That’s basically what i got to share with you guys!


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