Christmas Potluck at G4

Tis’ a season to be jolly, falalalala. lalalala!

G4 Team will be organising a Christmas potluck and invites all guests that are with us to tuck in! Our dinner time will be at the ground floor, but feel free to chill on The Roof if you need to smoke or booze away with your own or order from Backyard Bistro that merry night!

Among the food that will be present includes…

Hongkong cookies from George, Local Agar agar delights from Steven, Lots of red wine from Low, Spaghetti from Waren, Turkey from Leo, Local friend rice from John, Local Agar agar(again) and muffins from Jernan, Appetizers from Valencia, Soup and Indonesian Kuay Lapis from Merry, Chinese Dumplings from Nicole, Home cooked Curry from Thaik, Chicken Feet (don’t ask me why) from Lixing and yummilicious Chicken/ Shepherd’s Pies from me.

We still have a number of unconfirmed lists of food since some of our personal friends are joining us and the requirement of them to join us is the same, chip in a dish! So enjoy yourself with us till the clock strikes 12 with our brand new Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga blocks, Nintendo wii set (with 4 controllers, which means all of you are allowed to punch each other virtually)


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