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Queen-Size Double Room - 1 bette Private        
Single Bed room - 1 bette Private        
Family room - 1 bette Private        
2 bed dorm - 2 bette Gemischter Schlafsaal        
2 beds in 6 bed dorms - 2 bette Gemischter Schlafsaal        
2 beds in 8 bed dorms - 2 bette Gemischter Schlafsaal        
4 bed dorm - 4 bette Gemischter Schlafsaal        
4 bed female dorm - 4 bette Frauen Schlafsaal        
6 bed dorm - 6 bette Gemischter Schlafsaal        
8 bed dorm - 8 bette Gemischter Schlafsaal        
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Aufhebungspolitik: All confirmed bookings made with Hostel Staff are subject to the following conditions: Payment & Cancellations: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE ON ARRIVAL BY CASH OR CREDIT CARD. We have a 48 hour (2 day) cancellation policy. If you need to cancel a confirmed booking, you must do so 48 hrs before your arrival date to receive a refund. No refund will be given if it is cancel within 48 hrs, if payment has not been received you will be invoiced for 1 night stay.
Veränderungspolitik: 48 hrs 2 days prior check in. Alterations or cancellations of group bookings must be made 15 days before arrival. Alterations or cancellations made within 15 days of arrival will be required to pay the total booked amount due or the altered amount due whichever is the greater. An invoice will be sent accordingly.
Kinderpolitik: child above 3 are not allow to share bed
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