Sim Lim Square – Singapore Computer Peripherals Haven

So you’re in Singapore, and you ran out of media storages in your Digital Camera. Or worse, you lost your camera and you need to get a replacement. Maybe you just need some computer pheriperals and you’d like to top them up when you’re here. Introducing Sim Lim Square, Singapore’s PC Walmart.

The Place

Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square

Located just a few minutes stroll away from G4 Station, Sim Lim Square gets pretty busy usually over the weekends packed with tourists and locals doing their IT shopping. It’s best to go there after 1PM when most shops are open and before 6pm. Yea I know, short hours πŸ˜‰

The Shops

If you are afraid of having different kind of treatment as a tourist as compared with locals, the easy way out would be getting a local friend to tag along with you. I could do it if I’m free (bwahaha). Most of the shops do have fixed pricing especially when it comes to computer pheripherals, but rest assure the prices are really competitive.

The Buzzling Scenes at Sim Lim Square during Weekdays

The Buzzling Scenes at Sim Lim Square during Weekdays

One reason I could explain on the cheaper price would be the stocks that they take for their goods are in more bulk as compared to the rest of the departmental stores around the island. Try walking around the mall to get the price lists and have it compared.

The shops that I could recommend you in Sim Lim would be:-

Fuwell #04-52 , Video-pro #04-33, Bliss #04-02D – for PC pheripherals
Active Foto & Electronics #04-60 – For media storages such as SD cards, Flash Drives, CF cards etc.
Alan Photo Trading #01-38 – For digital cameras purchase (If you need help with recommendations of other shops, hola me in G4 Station, there are a few more in other places which I would strongly recommend.)

Medias! :)

Medias! πŸ™‚

Some of the shops in Sim Lim Square has some

Another Good Reason to Cheer With G4 – 25% Off on Beer & Food Items

Our kind Backyard Bistro has finally launched their discounts specially only for our guests at G4 Station!

25% OFF To All Items inclusive of Beer and Food Items! To qualify, simply present our key to prove you’re an in-house guest to enjoy!

Well, I’m a regular of their Hoegaarden pints since I’ve compared their pricing with the regular bars, they’re already competitively priced but with the additional of 20%… WOOT?!

2 Pints of Ice Chilled Hoegaarden White - Nothing Tastes Better

2 Pints of Ice Chilled Hoegaarden White - Nothing Tastes Better!

They do serve quite a big variety of beers as well, your regular Tiger Beer in Asia, Heineken and San Miguel, which also happens to be their house beer together with Hoegaarden.

Also enjoy free screenings of the English Premier League on huge projector screen when you enjoy your pint of ice-chilled beer. That ought to freshen and make you happy during the night stay with us at G4 (after getting tipsy, it’s nicer to sleep of course! πŸ˜‰ )

G4 Station – How It Started

Hi guys.. my name is Leo, i’m the morning duty front desk at G4. for those who had come and stayed at G4 or have some enquiries would probably had somewhat came across me for sure! So guys if you do remember me please leaves some comment ok πŸ™‚ good day.

The 1 squatting on the most left is me:)

G4 Station is a newly opened backpacker hostel. Our soft opening

Deepavali – The Festival Of Lights

Hi there, if you’re heading towards Singapore during this period, don’t miss the Festival of Lights, a Hindu celebration event in Singapore (and all parts of the world I suppose).

Quoted from Singapore Tourism Board’s Uniquely Singapore site,

Deepavali, the most important date of the Hindu calendar, occurs on one day during October, and in the ethnic quarter of Little India, the festivities last practically for the whole month of October.

Deepavali is the Festival of Lights, and marks the defeat of the evil

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Stay with G4 Station

Hi I’m Benson, your hitman and general consultant in G4 Station. You usually see me popping by during the day or the night or even hanging behind Backyard Bistro chilling out.

Now why should you really stay with us at G4 Station? There’re really like 99 reasons to go about with but I’ll truncate it and just list out 10. *Hmm

1. We’re Very New and Affordable

Really.. New!

Really.. New!

Though Leo mentioned we’re 2 months old off the soft launch and official opening, our furnitures and fixtures alongside with our facilities are very, very new. Walk in, have a whiff of our beds and cupboards and you’ll get what I really mean.

And according to Waren on his previous blog entry, we’ve just revised the price for a promo during the peak period in December, talking about affordability! This is a good chance that if you’re transiting from a hotel to a hostel, you could try us. I’m sure you’d have no problems and who knows you might grow to like us more πŸ˜‰

2. Our Location is Pretty Ace

Forgive me other hostel friends, we’ve done our homework before we decide on this location and analysed it for long before opening this joint. G4 Station is just maximum 3 minutes away from Little India MRT Station (MRT is Singapore’s very own subway), in the middle of almost all 3 MRT Stations namely Bugis, Little India and Dhoby Gaut.

So you’re very much almost in the middle of everywhere within really short distance, walkable to Orchard, Bugis, a subway stop away from Clarke Quay and much much more spots.

3. We’re Almost Really Squeaky Clean 24/7

Forgive me if it isn’t after 10pm, but we have our two permanent staffs, Lixing and Ah Thiak who works diligently from morning till evening to make sure your beds, your bathrooms and your linens are well taken care of.

They’re really helpful and won’t hesitate to help you with your luggage upstairs even!

4. Free Internet PC Stations & WIFI Enabled.. BEDS!

During the planning phase of the premises, we’ve set aside almost 10% allotment of PCs for our guests to use.. free of charge. So what happens is that we have 8 stations which allows our guests to do video conferencing, Skype or whatever they wish.

4 Internet PC Stations, another 4 on Clarke Quay Floor

4 Internet PC Stations, another 4 on Clarke Quay Floor

All computers are well taken care of and we requests that all our guests sanitise their hands before using the keyboards and mouse for hygiene purposes.

And if that’s not enough, our beds are WIFI enabled (pun intended) from the bottom all the way to the top on the 5th floor!

5. We Have Nintendo Wii!

Guests having fun swinging Nintendo Wii Controllers

Guests having fun swinging Nintendo Wii Controllers

Uhm. Bowling, Baseball and Tennis at our hostel? Yes, it’s all virtually possible with Nintendo Wii.

6. Helpful Staffs

During the interview process of getting our staffs, we had them screened really carefully. We had them on lie detectors, kinda like those variety TV show ‘Moment of Truth’. So here you go, we have plentiful helpful receptionists who’re on 24 hours standby and understands English perfectly like Waren, Leo, Joyce, Benson, Sidi and John.

All Helpful and English Speaking Staffs

All Helpful and English Speaking Staffs

Well sometimes they’re just being too helpful and joins in any kind of fun that guests are having (Like punching guests on boxing games with Nintendo Wii..)

7. Movie Screenings

I wouldn’t say we have the best collection in terms of movies, but hey, we have a comfy 42 inch LCD TV mounted with a Asus E*PC. So you can watch youtube videos anytime too. Also take note that we have a really cosy rooftop terrace on the top floor which is perfect for socialising, booze and watching TV too.

8. In-house Shower Gel and Hot/ Cold Shower! Really Safe Environment

Hmm, nothing to boast about, but our Lavender 2-in-1 shampoo and showergel is smells pretty good if you forget to bring yours. Also our hot/cold shower is 24/7 on for your enjoyment πŸ™‚

I’d like to reiterate on the safe environment because it has got nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the cameras I’m going to mention. We have a total of 25 wired cameras pin-pointing all angles of the premises apart from the shower rooms.

In case anything happens, with a press of a red button, the Singapore SWAT team will be activated.

9. Backyard Bistro Screens Soccer and Sells Booze

Ah you should look at our Bistro. They sell good beer at affordable price. Currently they’re working on price discounts for our in-house guests too but that will have to wait since they’re newly opened (Just 2 weeks old). We have them serving everyone breakfast too!

Just look at the ambience of Backyard Bistro

Just look at the ambience of Backyard Bistro

And they have cable TV for soccer channels, so if you’re a fan of sports like the Formula One, Barclay’s Premier League (The Former EPL) or La Liga, head down behind for their projector screening of the matches!

You have pool table to play too if you’re bored.

10. We Listen

At G4 Station, we listen. That’s why we insist on guests filling our feedback forms so we could work and improve on the stay and experience with us. Of course, things like having a lift and double glazed windows would take sometime, but it’ll come.. (I hope :P)

We Listen, Trust Us :)

We Listen, Trust Us πŸ™‚

Though it’s becoming more like a hotel, but we reckon this should be the segment that we’re hitting on. Giving our guests the ace experience, that’s why we brand ourselves as ‘Your Premium Backpackers’ Inn‘ There are really many more reasons but I’ll stop here in case people starts complaining.

So hopefully there isn’t any hestitation now from you to start booking with us for your next trip to Singapore. Seeya and hope you’d holla me when you see me!