Free Gelato For You on 13th February 2009!

Our kind Backyard Bistro is featuring their brand new Gelato (nice stuff I tell you) and they’re offering it for free for 9 hours (from 12pm – 9pm)

Free Gelato from Backyard Bistro

Free Gelato from Backyard Bistro

Feel free to pop by and taste their ice-cream. I heard it’s Haagen Daaz ice-cream. Really good stuff πŸ˜‰

We Listen – Ear Plugs Provided & Extra Doors Installed

We’ve been having numerous complains on hostel being noisy from time to time. Sometimes, it isn’t just houserules that make things work. Guests feedbacks are honestly important in all aspects. We have to offer no frills, undisturb rest for our backpackers; at least that’s the most basic requirement.

Because of our strategic and good location, we’ve been risking something. Being next to a roadside is not a good thing; Most of our guests have no complaints feedback to us the sleep was pretty decent though. We’ve collected most of the feedbacks and I’ve concluded that should we do double glazed windows it’ll probably take quite sometime for us to be able to afford such kind of luxury, so….

Earplugs! - Unless Necessary

Earplugs! - Unless Necessary

Tadaa! That’ll keep most ground floor guests in place, though I do understand that most people don’t like things to be stucked in their ears when they sleep, but this is just for emergency use in case you’re really feeling irritated by any kind of noise outside (be it other lousy guests, music, road noise etc).

Right now at this very moment, we’re getting contractors to get another new door up to block the music that’s coming from Backyard Bistro after 10pm. House rules, it’s important.

**Update: We have two brand new doors to filter out the music from our Bistro’s live band and washing machine/ dryer noise on the 1st level. The doors has been effective in filtering out the noise coming from our bistro! My advice is not to take the ground floor beds unless necessary because the communal area is just right outside.

A New Door Installed - Peace Now!

A New Door Installed - Peace Now!

At G4 Station, we listen.

We’re now running a promotion on prices with our beds till February. To book with us at G4 Station, feel free to contact us or proceed to our reservation page
Haji Lane – Chicken Kebab!

Now wait, I have never been a fan of kebabs to be plain honest. Nope, never.

The Eygptian Restaurant

The Eygptian Restaurant

Karen and I met up with Nicholas at Haji Lane (The Arab Street area) outside this funky looking Egyptian restaurant. The ambience was somewhat similar as of you visiting a Kopitiam in Little India having roti prata. Pretty cosy and decent. You have egyptian songs playing in the background (verified by asking one of their staff). There’re different types of kebabs to choose from, as you can see from the menu.

The Menu

The Menu

We ordered some special drinks on the menu which costs us somewhat $9.00 for 3 different ones. My tastebud doesn’t tell me anything special about a glass of jasmine and iced lemon tea though.

3 Different Special Drinks

3 Different Special Drinks

Here comes the main course.

The Chicken Kebab is Nice

The Chicken Kebab is Nice

The meat is tender and the sauce is savoury. The spread of salad and potato wedges are amusingly well proportioned. I’d highly recommend getting a piece of this action when you’re around in Arab Street. Having said that, I have never noticed Arab Street to have their own unique stand in the buzzling Singapore city. You have shi sha boutiques, cafes in preserved shop-houses and alot of shopping.

Visit Arab Street if you can when you’re here in Singapore. It’s not far away from G4 Station πŸ˜‰

Benson’s rating for the kebabs –

nono (3.0 out of 5.0)

Chinese lunar New Year in Singapore


Happy 2009 to all of you!!! Woohoo..after a long break i am finally here to blog again ^^ Thanks to all your support toward G4 Station making me kind of busy and thus unable to blog, just joking =DOk back to the topic, let me tell you more about chinese lunar new year which is happening in less then

Christmas Potluck at G4

Tis’ a season to be jolly, falalalala. lalalala!

G4 Team will be organising a Christmas potluck and invites all guests that are with us to tuck in! Our dinner time will be at the ground floor, but feel free to chill on The Roof if you need to smoke or booze away with your own or order from Backyard Bistro that merry night!

Among the food that will be present includes…

Hongkong cookies from George, Local Agar agar delights from Steven, Lots of red wine from Low, Spaghetti from Waren, Turkey from Leo, Local friend rice from John, Local Agar agar(again) and muffins from Jernan, Appetizers from Valencia, Soup and Indonesian Kuay Lapis from Merry, Chinese Dumplings from Nicole, Home cooked Curry from Thaik, Chicken Feet (don’t ask me why) from Lixing and yummilicious Chicken/ Shepherd’s Pies from me.

We still have a number of unconfirmed lists of food since some of our personal friends are joining us and the requirement of them to join us is the same, chip in a dish! So enjoy yourself with us till the clock strikes 12 with our brand new Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga blocks, Nintendo wii set (with 4 controllers, which means all of you are allowed to punch each other virtually)

It’s Mount Faber in SINGAPORE!

Nice view at Mount Faber, especially the sunset. It’s SO NICE! Reach the top of Mount Faber at 6 pm, you will enjoy looking at the Sunset.

You will feel so relax over there, the fresh air and the nature. You could take cable cars over there, there are restaurants and a small place to view and drink together.

Take A Look!

A Dream Singapore Itinerary by Lonely Planet

I’m ashamed.

As a Singaporean, I’ve never been interested in guide books about our own country (Who reads guidebooks of their own country anyway? I bet most of you don’t!). Jody, one of our friendly staff has donated a series of Citiescape of Asian countries from Lonely Planet, 2006 Edition.

Singapore Citiescape - Lonely Planet

Singapore Citiescape - Lonely Planet

Not exactly a very comprehensive guide, but it covers and has vivid photos of Singapore, and the rest of the asian countries like Beijing, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh, Sydney (huh?) and more.

Supreme Court - Colonial District

Supreme Court - Colonial District (Lonely Planet), lovely photo isn't it?

What particularly caught me was the itinerary that was listed behind by Mat Oakley, an expat that stayed in Singapore for almost two years,

Start early, amid the chatter of an old kopitiam (breakfast and coffeeshop), for hot sweet kopi, runny eggs and kaya toast, slapped onto your table without ceremony. Once you’re loaded with cholesterol, take a stroll in the magnificent Botanic Gardens, then along Orchard Road before the crowds hit.

Head down into the MRT, up one stop to Little India and out into another world of grubby streets and food markets, and dip your hands into a curry lunch – fiery fuel for a walk to the mosques, carpet sellers and coffee houses of Kampong Glam, the Muslim Quarter.

After a cardamom coffee or hot mint tea, take a bus to Chinatown and browse through the antique shops, street markets and teashops. A few steamed dumpling and tea from a Chinatown cafe, then leave the city for the green centre, and Singapore’s zoo and peerless Night Safari.

After seeing the sunset with the leopards, do a taxi race down the flawless, tree-lined expressway to Newton Circus, the city’s most famous hawker centre. Bursting with seafood and beer, take another taxi to Raffles Hotel for a cocktail.

Energy permitting, dance your way into the early hours with the beautiful people at Zouk, Singapore’s thumping megaclub.

Matt Oakley

Well I couldn’t put it better in words than Matt. And take note all these locations that are mentioned apart from the Zoo are very, very, very close to G4 Station. So if you’re coming and need help in directions, feel free to ask our frontdesk staff for help.

They’ll probably point a direction and tell you you can even walk there for some of the destination mentioned above, seeya soon! πŸ™‚