Dumpling Festival 2010!

The Dumpling Festival is a colorful festival which is traditionally celebrated during the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, the famous Dumpling festival is celebrated on 16th of June which is today. Dumpling Festival is also named as Duanwu Festival and Dragon Boats Festival. You can find the brief history of dumpling festival here that gives a bit of background information of this festival.

Duanwu commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan. He was a loyal minister serving the King of Chu during the Warring States Period in the third century BC. Initially his sovereign favored Qu Yuan, but over time, his wisdom and erudite ways antagonized other court officials. As a result Qu Yuan was accused of trumped-up charges of conspiracy and ejected by his sovereign. During his exile, Qu Yuan composed many poems to express his anger and sorrow towards his sovereign and people.

In the year 278 B.C., at the age of 37, Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Milo River. He clasped a heavy stone to his chest and leaped into the water. Knowing that Qu Yuan was a righteous man, the people of Chu rushed to the river to try to save him. The people desperately searched the waters in their boats looking for Qu Yuan but were unsuccessful in their attempt to rescue him. Every year the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated to commemorate this attempt at rescuing Qu Yuan.

When it was known that Qu Yuan had been lost forever, the local people began the tradition of throwing sacrificial cooked rice into the river for their lost hero. However, a local fisherman had a dream that Qu Yuan did not get any of the cooked rice that was thrown into the river in his honour. Instead the fish in the river were eating the rice. Thus, the locals decided to make zongzi to sink into the river in the hopes that it would reach Qu Yuan’s body. The following year, the tradition of wrapping the rice in bamboo leaves to make zongzi began.

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Boat races are held every year and rice is thrown into water on this day in order to give a compliment to the patriot which symbolizes the struggle made to rescue Qu Yuan. Since years, Dumpling festival is one of the most significant festivals celebrated in China. Dumpling festival is marked by consumption of thousands of dumplings and furious races of dragon shaped colorful boats on the loud beats of drums.

In Singapore, during this festival everyone is lazy or the skill has not been really passed on to the later generations. The older generation gets too old to prepare this dish, the working generation is too caught up with work to bother.

Why not head down to G4 Station, book a bed with us and head out to hunt for this yummy traditional snack which we will only get to see around this time of the month!

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Diploma/ Degree Internship with Us
Join us in G4!

Join us in G4!

Fancy working together with one of the best team in the Singapore hostel industry? Hesitate no further!

The G4 Team is opening its door to diploma/ degree students who needs an internship sponsor. In this position, you will learn how to interact with an awesome globetrotter crowd, the ins and outs of our business as well as a chance to innovate your ideas to improve our backpackers stay with us.

Requirements are:-

  • you are a student from the 5 local polytechnics or any relative-field degree courses
  • drop us a note why do you want to work with us, along with your resume and a self attached photo
  • your lecturer-in-charge contact so we could get in touch with them.

Feel free to e-mail us to arrange for an interview today.

Join us at G4 Bistro for World Cup
World Cup Opener - South Africa vs Mexico// Images from Getty Image, Soccernet

World Cup Opener - South Africa vs Mexico// Images from Getty Image, Soccernet

I was undoubtly the winner of a mug of iced cold tiger last night as Mexico drew with host South Africa last night 😉

Tonight there’ll be 3 more games in play, namely:-

  • Greece vs South Korea
  • Argentina vs Nigeria
  • England vs USA

What’s your pick?

Join Us!

Join us at G4 Bistro tonight from 1930hrs onwards and take your pick! Spend only $30 to qualify for our game to get a free mug. Winner who gets a strike 3 games in a row wins a jug of iced cold tiger! (I’m on one now, let’s hope i win 2 more!)

Having trouble finding us? Call us at

Great start for 2010 Fifa World Cup 2010

Just to keep you guys updated!

The score for yesterday’s matches was 1:1 for South Africa vs Mexico and 0:0 for Uruguay vs France.

Fun in the Bistro with World Cup Kick Off!

Yeah, you can see customer from our very own hostel and public in the picture above. It was a rowdy yet enjoyable night so why don’t you head down to G4 Station and book a bed with us now!

Join us in G4 Bistro for 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP *LIVE*

Good news for all G4 Guest, 2010 Fifa World Cup which would only be held once every 4 year will be screening *LIVE* in our G4 Bistro. Not amaze? Many places in Singapore will not have it since our subscription fees are rather high, but as a premium backpackers inn, we are proud to offer this to our guests.

What are you waiting for? Book a bed with us now and i am sure you won’t regret~


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Brand New G4 Site

Hi everyone 🙂

It’s been awhile since the last update on our blog as we’ve been busy with transforming our hip and chic bistro for the one past year. Now that we’re back, do join us in the adventures of all the individual G4’ers who’ll share their experience with you on the Singapore Story.

Do contact us if you have any queries about staying with us in Singapore or even simple things like what can you do. Uh, yes we may be small, but there’s really a lot a lot of things you could really do here. Rest assure!

Hope you’ll join us during the crazy world cup season!

Luxury Spa Massage Treatments in Beijing

Going to a luxury spa for massage therapy has become a common thing in our daily life. The services of those luxury spas are designed to satisfy the customers both physically and mentally. For example, the massage therapy can help you relax your muscles and ease your pains and stress.

Most of the luxury Beijing spas offer facial treatment, a treatment that only existed in high-end beauty salons once. It includes facial cleansing massage and clay masques. The treatment also helps ease the sign of aging and avoid wrinkles and sagging skin. It is said that the skin will be smoother after massaging certain parts of the face, because massage increases blood flow into the tissues. While some luxury spas use firming agents in their treatment.

Massage in Beijing has always been a good way to relax. Luxury spas combine the art of massage therapy with beauty treatments in full body massage. Aromatherapy oils in the treatments are usually used to soften the skin and make it smoother. Apart from the skillful techniques from the massage therapists, the products are also helpful in making the skin softer.

Cellulite is an issue that all women want to avoid. It appears at the thighs and buttocks and makes people look ugly, especially when wearing shorts or bathing suit. The cellulite might no longer be a problem after having a massage treatment. By massaging a certain area, the stimulation will increase the blood flow in that area and eliminate the unwanted fat.

Another massage therapy in the luxury spas is soap massage. Mainly using a brush and soap, the soap massage is generally performed in a tub. Finished with a spa, the soap massage therapy will energize your body after removing the dead skin cells.

Some luxury spa provides treatments that can help lose weight. Your body will be wrapped before you receive a massage therapy. Women tend to enjoy the beauty treatment in the luxury spas because it helps lose the fat of the legs, arms and belly.

Those treatments provided by the most luxury spas in Beijing are not only for the body, but also for the mind. By experiencing different types of beauty massage therapies, your will achieve a balance between inner and outer beauty.

Finding the best service in Shanghai spa and massage parlors

If you want to experience the best massage, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, you should definitely go to the spa and massage parlors in Shanghai. For those who seek to relieve the stress and rejuvenate their bodies, these are the right place to go. All of the services here, ranging from hot tubs to spas, are designed to bring a healthier life to you.

In order to know how these hot tubs work, let us start from the health benefits they bring. When your body is submerged in the hot water, the blood vessels are dilated, which will energize your body and regulate your blood flow. Besides, the muscles are stimulated due to the same flow, making it possible to ease the muscular spasms and tension, and even cure headaches. It also works in treating arthritis. Some high-end spa and massage parlors own various sizes of hot tubs that could cater to a group of people, making it a great place to bond with family and friends.

Shanghai massage spas are great places to relax your body and mind. Most of the parlors offer more than one type of massages. The Fei Tian Sauna Club is a spacious Spa. You can lie in the bathtub and enjoy the delicious food and drinks. Services here include Nuru massage and Soapy massage.

The Amazon Sauna Club is a large leisure club located in Anshan Road of Yangpu District in Shanghai, integrating bath, amusement, body health and massage. With a European style interior, the Club covers an area of 5000 square meters. Services here include oil massage, foot massage, full body massage, traditional Chinese massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage and others.

Located in Shanghai’s most prosperous area, the Hot Sea Sauna Spa is a 1200-square-meter leisure center. The club is designed by the high-profile top designers. Luxurious interior space by plush couch sofa design and Austrian crystal droplight of adornment to build out, also they will provide VIP rooms. Services here include oil massage, foot massage, full body massage, traditional Chinese massage, Thai massage and others.

Singapore River Festival 2009


Good news for clubbers and culture lovers out there!

In view of The Singapore River Festival which will commerce from the 19-27 June, there will be free weekend river taxi ride onboard the Singapore River Festival Party Boat and weekend shuttle bus service from Orchard Road to Clarke Quay on the Singapore River Festival Bus, including numerous free-admission Festival events, are planned to make the Festival affordable and within reach to most festival-goers.

View the free rides schedule

The event highlights