East Coast Skatepark Singapore – ECP

Hello again!!

As all of you should know from my previous post, I’m a Aggressive Inline Rollerblader. And if you’re a skateboarder, BMX rider or a roller like me, and if you travel to or is living in Singapore, and wanting to shred, THERE IS ONLY ONE PLACE TO GO. EAST COAST SKATE PARK. I’m not trying to brag about it but honestly and seriously, it is a WORLD CLASS skate park, worthy of your time and money just to travel here to have a session! I kid you not!

It has EVERYTHING any extreme sport enthusiast would want. An awesome street course with so much flow, a big and deep vert bowl, a combination bowl, curbs and ledges of all heights and length and even handrails! It is street and park fused into ONE location. What more can we ask for? And the ultimate part is…it’s absolutely FREE!

Unfortunately, there is a flaw to it. It is the weather. Singapore is a tropical island. When there’s tropical, there is rain. And boy do we get lots of it. It’s very unpredictable as the skate park is located by the beach. Rain clouds tend to be blown over the area. It may be sunny one moment but before you know it, it starts to rain. But do not fret! It can rain buckets for hours on end, but once the last drop of rain hits the floor, give it 20-30 minutes and most of the park should have dried up!

The park is opened 24/7. Super hot in the day if it’s not raining yet cool and breezy at night. There are flood lights that turn on at

3rd Sergeant Waren Reporting for duties!

Singapore Armed Forces

Hey guys! I will be away from G4 Station starting from 28th June 2010 to serve my country for 2 week! So you wouldn’t be able to see me around and if you have any enquiries, please contact us instead of me so that i can serve in peace T_T

Although i will miss all my colleagues and guests here, but serving the nation to me is really meaningful and fun! Taking a break from all the frontdesk/supervising role and heading out to the jungle to train back my killer instinct ^^


Right after my reservist, i will be away for another 1 week to this beautiful island called phuket for a short vacation. Look forward to see a tan and muscular Waren when you are here in G4 Station after 20th July =) Book here now!



G4 Sticks To Their Words – A Safe and Sound Staying Experience

In G4, we pride ourselves when it comes to our work and the experiences of our guests. Not to mention the most important two elements, safety and comfort. When any of our guests check in, my Team G4 will painstakingly yet professionally explain the Do’s and Dont’s in the premises.

We have 25 cameras on the walkways and 24-hours ground staff so you can really be assured of having a pleasant stay with us.

With that, I’d like to introduce to you our house rules in the hostel that either irks you or makes you feel safe 😛

The House Rules

Checking in and out Timing

Our earliest check-in time is 1pm and the latest check out time is at 12pm. This is to ensure that your beds are always prim and proper (We need that time allowance)

Strictly No Smoking

Our G4 hostel is a no-smoking hostel. Smoking could be done in designated smoking areas.

We emphasis on being environmental friendly and ask of the guests to turn off the lights and air conditioning when they leave the room.

Room/ Dormitory Limitations

No food in the bedrooms, you don’t want any bed bugs or funny creepy crawlers to come do you? We have small little pantry areas for you to use.

You’re also not allowed to bring external guests up into the hostel. I think this is only fair and in case your friends will might cause any trouble.

Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You

No noise zone after 10pm, so others can sleep. Sanitizing of hands for our internet kiosk stations is a must so you’ll have a clean keyboard and mouse to use. (Of course our staff will still clean them on a daily basis, but doesn’t it feel better? ;))

Luggage and Personal Belongings

Though this is a safe hostel, with all cameras and locker cabinets, you’re still advised to keep important things with you. Things such as passports and cash yada yada (:

Our Team G4 Rights

We reserve the rights to invite you to leave our premises should you violate or cause disturbances to your fellow backpacker’s. We’re powerful (err, kinda)

Download a copy of our G4 Station’s House Rules

Recently a guest was being banned in G4 for not adhering to our house rules. Currently there are 4 banned from staying with us. Luckily for everyone, every guests that has stayed with us are pleasant!

Now holla me if you have any feedbacks or inputs in which could make any backpacker’s stay a better experience with G4 (:

Good Singapore Food Sites & Blogs

Now that you’re keen on coming to Singapore, FOOD must be one key attraction that you must never, ever lose your emphasis on as Singapore is a multi-cultural country with high standards of many culinary dishes.

I’m not a good reviewer when it comes to food but these are the sites which I highly recommend that you could visit before hitting the Singapore shore so you could plan your food itinerary.

Singapore Food Blogs

Latest Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Reviewed by ieatishootipost

Latest Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Reviewed by ieatishootipost

I Eat I Shoot I Post – The number one site introduced to me by Selina. This ardent site shoots unbelievable food photos and describes the food reviewed down to its bones. Chilling but true, this blog covers most of Singapore hawker food and you JUST HAVE to visit it.

Lady Iron ChefBrad, a photographer who specialises in food shots has been writing this food blog since March 2007. Great reviews of food joints in Singapore, he also has his ways with his food photos that somewhat makes me drool easily. (Of course he should ain’t it? Since he’s a photographer.. duh)

Justin introduces RISE in his J23KBlogs

Justin introduces RISE in his J23KBlogs

J23KBlogs – Reviews of the latest hip food joint to visit coupled with great photo shots by Justin. (I’m starting to wonder if there’s any trend to this hmm)

Singapore Food Sites

HungryGoWhere – Another undisputed leader in online Singapore food ratings. Apparently spreading wings to other countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia. – I was surprised, but InSing is doing well even for its food review sections. Check this review site where the community is getting bigger and opinions are getting stronger for Singapore food.

Have you got any new sites to suggest to this list? Feel free to share with me so it could benefit everybody!

G4 Station Early Promotion Rates
The Clean and Green Singapore

Fancy a holiday trip during September, October & November in Singapore?

Good news from G4 Station as we introduce early bird promotional rates!

Book a bed in our dormitory now during Sept, Oct or Nov and enjoy a additional 15% discount from our original rates!

Are you still looking for the best valued accommodation in Singapore? What are you waiting for? Limited bed slots available only! Hope to see you soon! ^^

Signing off~ Waren

Singapore River Festival 2010!
Immerse in an array of festivities by the waterfront~

Immerse in an array of festivities by the waterfront~

Incepted in 2007, The Singapore River Festival is known by many locals to be one of the largest sundown parties in the city area spanning two bustling weekends.

This year, the festival will take place from 25 June to 3 July. Located by the Singapore River, which is one of the city

Hello everyone! It's Dylan yo!

Hello everyone! It's Dylan yo!


I’m Dylan, the newest member of G4 Station! I’m actually a chef by profession, but I’m taking a break from the kitchen till I start culinary school in February in Melbourne. I’m really really looking forward to Melbourne! I absolutely LOVE that place! So meanwhile, here I am part-timing at G4, hoping to make friends from all over the globe!

I’m an avid football fan! I’ve been watching and playing football since I was 10! My teams are Manchester United, Barcelona and Brazil. I’m hoping for Brazil to win the World Cup this year and add another star to the 5 they already have on their jersey. I prefer playing Futsal to the usual 11-a-side game. Futsal is a 5-a-side game that is usually played indoors on a hard court, using a special size 4 ball that doesn’t bounce. It relies on pace and a lot of skills. I prefer it mainly because you get tea ball at your feet a lot more than the 11-a-side game.

Besides football, I also do Aggressive Inline Rollerblading. It is the kind where we grind, spin and do flips. I’ve been doing it since 2002 and I will only stop the day my legs can no longer support me. Most of the time you can find me either at Somerset skatepark or East Coast skatepark. I try to rollerblade about 3-4 times a week. It’s my other form of exercise besides football.

That’s basically what i got to share with you guys!